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June 28, 2017

Austin American-Statesman: Willie Nelson, Spoon, Shinyribs among year's top local music so far

Shinyribs, “I Got Your Medicine.” Expanded from the original quartet to an eight-piece juggernaut, Kevin Russell’s Shinyribs has pushed the broad boundaries of Americana music even further out than he did during his two decades with the Gourds. The central touchstone is soul, steeped deeply in the swampy roots of Russell’s native Beaumont.


June 27, 2017

Farce The Music - Favorite Albums of 2017: Mid-Year Report'

This is Trailer's list of favorite albums. The year-end list will look a lot different because all Farce the Music's contributors will vote on it, there will be actual write-ups of the top albums, and besides... there are 6 more months in the year. There's an Americana/Country-only list at the bottom. 1. Shinyribs - I Got Your Medicine


February 24, 2017

'I Got Your Medicine' - Available Now!

'I Got Your Medicine' now available for purchase on iTunes, CD and Vinyl!

'I Got Your Medicine' - CD
'I Got Your Medicine' - Vinyl Record
'I Got Your Medicine' - iTunes

February 24, 2017

AXS review: Shinyribs keeps the focus on fun with 'I Got Your Medicine'

The last year in Americana music has been one for introspective albums. It seems like practically every artist has turned their gaze inward, penning deeply personal missives about life, loss, love, and politics. Sometimes you want a break from all of that earnestness. You want to turn off your brain, turn up your speakers and listen to some old fashioned booty shaking melodies just for the fun of it. For those people, Shinyribs has a message; I Got Your Medicine.

If you're looking for a 47 minute break from the real world, I Got Your Medicine is just the slab of ear candy you've been waiting for. It might or might not be possible to dance all of your troubles away, but if you're apt to try, I Got Your Medicine, is an excellent companion for the attempt.


Chris Griffy, AXS
February 24, 2017

Elmore Magazine - 'I Got Your Medicine' Album Review

This is fourth release for Shinyribs and its leader, Russell, following a long stint for him as front man for The Gourds. Russell is the jovial type, with a knack for drawing folks to the dance floor and putting smiles on faces. “I just do what comes natural and what turns me on,” says Russell. “Humor is really important to me in music I love Coasters and Tony Joe White songs; you don’t know if it’s a joke or if they’re serious.” Nonetheless, he and his band put sweat and soul into the sound. Russell wrote nine of the dozen tracks, along with three covers.


February 24, 2017

Texas Monthly: Shinyribs has got your medicine

Ever since Kevin Russell’s band Shinyribs debuted its first release, Well After Awhile, in 2010, his shows have emanated the energy of a rowdy tent revival. People don’t attend a Shinyribs concert to stare at the spectacle—they come to get sucked onto a cyclone ride. Incorporating dance steps, colorful suits, a brass section called the Tijuana Train Wreck Horns, and backup singing by the Shiny Soul Sisters, the show innovates and improvises, even while it remains, in many ways, an old-fashioned show working a region the way bands have done for decades. Shinyribs’ fourth release, I Got Your Medicine, out February 24, presents a band that is at the height of its powers: tight, fun, and pushing its sweet spots. We caught up with Russell in his living room in January, a yellow notepad and guitar at the ready, to talk about how he got here.


February 24, 2017

AllMusic - 'I Got Your Medicine' Album Review

Gourds guitarist Kevin Russell launched Shinyribs back in 2010 but like any good soul music, his side project has only deepened with age. I Got Your Medicine is the fourth album he's released under the Shinyribs moniker and it's a bit of an understated wonder. Firmly rooted in the Gulf Coast, alternating between soul and stomping swamp pop, I Got Your Medicine not only sounds right ­­ this is music that celebrates tradition without being beholden to it ­­ but the songs are smart and surprising, following conventions but celebrating the detours on a familiar path.


February 23, 2017

Ink 19 - 'I Got Your Medicine' Album Review

Any day now they’re gonna proclaim Kevin Russell “Funkiest Texan of the Decade”, throw up a statue of him in a gaudy suit playing his uke and be done with it. Because from his work as the leader of oft-missed The Gourds and now with Shinyribs, Russell is a BBQ-eating Dali, a swingin’ ambassador of the good foot, and on I Got Your Medicine Shinyribs takes a trip down Louisiana way, and serves up his most winning record of his career.


February 23, 2017

Austin360 On The Record

Fully expanded from the original quartet to an eight-piece juggernaut with the Tijuana Train Wreck Horns and the Shiny Soul Sisters, Kevin Russell’s Shinyribs has pushed the broad boundaries of Americana music even further out than he did during his two decades with the Gourds. Whereas his old band was closer to country at its core, the central touchstone for Shinyribs is soul, steeped deeply in the swampy roots of his native Beaumont. That transformation is especially apparent on “I Got Your Medicine,” the fourth Shinyribs record, especially when Russell tips his hat directly to dearly departed influences on a couple of tunes.


February 23, 2017


On the fourth Shinyribs album, I Got Your Medicine, the harmonies and brass are bigger than ever. It also finds Russell tapping into a new charisma as a bandleader and as a songwriter as he mines the New Orleans R&B and swamp pop sounds that are so near and dear to his heart. To nail this sound, Russell enlisted the producing prowess of Southern stalwart Jimbo Mathus. The resulting album is only further proof that Shinyribs is one of the best bands around at a time when we could all use a little musical release. In between leading his massive band and waxing poetic on any given topic, Russell also finds time to record covers of unexpected tunes on his ukulele while sitting behind the wheel of his car. Recently, I had the chance to speak with this tried and true performer about the new album, his love of swamp pop, making songs about tacos, and much more.


February 22, 2017

The Rocking Magpie - 'I Got Your Medicine' Album Review

"The Good Doctor Prescribes Listening To This Funky Soulful Delight Daily!"

This arrived in a week when I was inundated with CD’s to review yet I was instantly drawn to the cover artwork, showing a hirsute young man looking not unlike a young and natty Dr John, so into the player it went.
OOOOHHHEEE BABY! God sure does act in mysterious ways.
The title track I Got Your Medicine immediately swoops from the speakers the New Orleans gumbo music of Dr. John immediately sprang to mind as ex-Gourd Kevin Russell croons in a deep and loaded and, it has to be said….slightly sexy manner over a jazzy groove with plenty of Doo-Wop too from the backing singers. If I had heard this song on the car radio, I would have had to pull over.
Oh man; choosing a favourite is nearly impossible with the slow burning Hands on Your Hips being a contender; but the tongue in cheek ‘I love you and I hate you and can’t live without you’ call and response between Kevin Russell and Alice Spencer. I Don’t Give a Shit is the winner by a funky country mile. It’s sure not made for radio but will be a guaranteed showstopper when played live.
Tinkling piano, an amazing voice, sexy backing singers, horns a plenty and meticulously groovy rhythm section all combine to make all of these dozen songs into a classic album that will more than likely be included in my Top 10 albums of the year.


February 21, 2017

Elmore Magazine - 'I Got Your Medicine' Album Review

"I love this guy, but maybe I’m a little psycho, too."

Kevin Russell, the heart of Shinyribs, keeps one foot in soul, but stretches the rest of his musical body to some crazy lengths. Funk, swamp, Train Wreck—all these good things flourish on Shinyribs’ new release, I Got Your Medicine, and it’s all the elixir you’re going to need for a week or more. Whether on Al Green/Otis Redding-influenced heartbreakers like “I Gave UP All I Had” and “Nothing Takes the Place of You” to the trashy honky-tonk of “I Don’t Give A Shit” and “Ambulance,” or on over to the Louisiana funk of “Don’t Leave It a Lie,” Shinyribs reaches for that moment of truth, both in music and lyrics.


February 21, 2017

Q&A: Shinyribs Provide the Remedy on 'I Got Your Medicine'

Shinyribs delivers a cure for what ails you on their exuberant fourth release, I Got Your Medicine. Tracked at the legendary Sugar Hill Recording Studios, the album unites humor, heart, and soul on a funktastic twelve track collection that will free you from your cares, touch your heart (and funny bone), move your body...and leave you with a huge grin on your face. Front man, lyricist, and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Russell graciously took the time to chat in depth about the album, which releases on February 24th, and much more.

Read the full interview here!

February 19, 2017

Tahoe Onstage - 'I Got Your Medicine' Album Review

Tongue-in-cheek gets wrapped up in convention all over this record, often within a single song. Take “Tub Gut Swamp & Red-Eyed Soul,” with its jitterbugging melody, wonderful boogie piano solo, and lyrics about “Drinkin’ like a chimney, smokin’ like a fish.” Or, “I Don’t Give a Shit,” Russell’s honky-tonkin’ duet with Shiny Soul Sister Alice Spencer. Humor pops up often in Russell’s lyrics, but damn, this is deadly-serious music to dance the night away to, played by masters. And Russell? He’s an amazingly resonant soul singer, in evidence best on the old Toussaint McCall waltzing classic “Nothing Takes The Place Of You.” Sequenced for maximum pleasure, not one song can be skipped. I loved the Gourds, Russell’s previous band of 18 years. Shinyribs glow even brighter and bolder. And that’s saying something.


February 16, 2017

The 10 Coolest Shinyribs Songs to Date

While I was hanging out recently with Kevin Russell, the shaman of soul who fronts Austin swamp-pop party band Shinyribs, to talk about his new CD, I Got Your Medicine, something struck me when I asked him about some of the favorite songs he's written. While some hangers-on still can't get over the fact that his previous band, the Gourds, is no more, Russell has already compiled an impressive body of work under the Shinyribs aegis, having released four albums in the past seven years since the band started as a side project — more music than some bands release in their entire careers.

See the full article here!

February 14, 2017

Shinyribs' Medicine Show Is His Best One Yet

“I Got Your Medicine” delivers a prescription containing all of Russell's Gulf Coast influences colliding in a high-energy fusion that pushes his already emotive vocal stylings into new territory. It blends everything from the throwback novelty sounds of Joe “King” Carrasco to hints of another Russell favorite, Tony Joe White of “Polk Salad Annie” fame, along with plenty of old-school R&B and N'awlins soul.
While the arrangements are complex but never cluttered, the album is a vocalist's showcase. The glue that holds it all together is Russell – whose voice is a powerhouse instrument on its own, a whiskey- and honey-soaked white-soul blend that evokes Jerry Lacroix, another great Texas Gulf Coast singer who performed with Edgar Winter and Rare Earth, among others.


February 13, 2017

Bentley's Bandstand: February 2017

Shinyribs, I Got Your Medicine. The endless bounty of booty-shaking joviality, Shinyribs knows how to kick up a good time. Kevin Russell, aka Shinyribs, ran the front line for Austin's beloved Gourds for 20 years. He always had an upper delivery of cosmic insight into their songs, like he was in on the joke and wanted to share a little with his followers. That said, he also knew his way all around roots music, having lived in Shreveport and Dallas while soaking up the atmosphere. For this new album, though, Shinyribs went deep into his own inner groove, co-producing the swinging sessions with the Squirrel Nut Zippers' Jimbo Mathus at Houston's legendary Sugar Hill Studio. There is something totally liberated all through songs like "Tub Gut Stomp and Red-eyed Soul," "The Cross is Boss," "Trouble, Trouble," and captivating covers of Ernie K-Doe's "A Certain Girl" and Toussaint McCall's "Nothing Takes the Place of You." It's like Shinyribs decided to set all his chickens free this time around and then see what happens in the barnyard. No doubt all involved had a cluckin' good time. These are vocals that come from so far back in the alley that not even a searchlight could find the wild animals, and a band with a horn section that knows how to blow and up the ante on a great show. And, yes, it's got a lock on Album of the Year. You heard it here first.

February 2, 2017

Listen: Shinyribs, 'Don't Leave It A Lie'

[The Bluegrass Situation] Song Premiere - 'Don't Leave It A Lie'

January 25, 2017

Album Review: Shinyribs 'I Got Your Medicine'

One of the most endearing aspects of good music can be found in its ability to reassure you that your experiences are shared, to lift you up and to make you feel happy; in short to heal the heart. That’s just what you’ll get when the Texas-based juggernaut known as Shinyribs delivers the cure for what ails you on February 24th with the release of I Got Your Medicine.

It’s the fourth studio album for the band that started as a side project for The Gourds lead singer, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Russell but quickly became a full time entity all its own. The sound is a blend of funk, blues, jazz and old school 60’s R & B (with a dash of gospel for good measure) which makes it impossible to listen and remain seated. It requires the active participation of dancing and singing along like no one’s watching.
The R & B is strong and mighty in the opening title track, “I Got Your Medicine” which embodies and projects the spirit of the album, and in the lovelorn “I Gave Up All I Had”. The tale of a long, wild night of sorrow drowning gets the Dixie funk treatment in “Tub Gut Stomp & Red-Eyed Soul”.
The twang-edged soul in the duet “I Don’t Give A Shit” leaves you laughing and reminiscing about those bad-for-each-other relationships that feel so right and manage to work due to the mutual dysfunction of the players. Redemption closes the album with the spirited, witty, jazzy gospel of “The Cross Is Boss”.
Shinyribs is one of the most charismatic, captivating and entertaining bands I’ve ever seen and none of the magic of the live show is lost in the transition to the studio.

December 27, 2016

I Got Your Medicine by Shinyribs (February 24, 2017 Release Date)

Shinyribs started as a side project of Kevin Russell in 2007 when The Gourds weren’t touring . Since then, Shinyribs have released 3 albums and are about to release their 4th, I Got Your Medicine. Since The Gourds went on sabbatical in 2013, Shinyribs went from a side project to a full fledged act. They got the personnel and the material to successfully navigate that transition. I may say there was very little transition at all. Before I forget, I just wanted to say that Shinyribs actually have some flute parts in I Got Your Medicine. I was just thinking the other day, what ever happened to flute in rock and roll? And my question was answered by Shinyribs.

As for a description of their music, it is going to be difficult. They are such a melting pot of different styles and genres, it will be nearly impossible to narrow it all down. Definitely rock and roll, R&B, country, blues, funk, 70s rock, and some jazz. To get a good understanding, you just have to listen, I suppose. It is easy to do that because the songs are of the highest quality. And did I mention some flute? The album was co-produced by Jimbo Mathus who started the Squirrel Nut Zippers and went on to record numerous solo albums (listen to Confederate Buddha by Jimbo Mathus).
I Got Your Medicine makes it very difficult to pick favorite tracks because all of the 12 tracks are outstanding. I have listened three times and still can’t pick out any tracks that stand out more than the others. The album is so well balanced that they are all amazing. The songs are all well written and not too heavy.
As a responsibility to my audience, I will tender a guess at picking some standout tracks. Ambulance (Track 11) is a nice boogie woogie number about being in an ambulance and trying to determine how he ended up is such a place. They took a serious situation and turned into a funny and feel good tune. “I’m in an ambulance………How did I get here?…… How did I get Here?” Alice Spencer and Sally Allen add some beautiful backing vocals to really add nice accents to this song.
Hands On Your Hips (Track 9) is a little bit old timey rock and roll, but certainly moderned up to sound as current as can be. This is a song about seeing his girl dancing with another guy and things got a little heated. The song is about a serious topic but they know how to keep it light hearted and fun. And the music is simply fantastic.

Alright, I can’t do it anymore. Listen to every track, that is my recommendation. This is good time party music with a healthy dose of humor throughout. This is required listening if you want to boost your mood. I dare say it would be impossible to be in a bad mood when listening to I Got Your Medicine. This is YOUR medicine for a good time.

December 27, 2016

Shinyribs - I Got Your Medicine - CD Review

Kevin Russell has allied himself with the Tijuana Train Wreck Horns to produce a traditional Gulf Coast rock and roll revival. The style of this CD is that bluesy/ jazzy slow tempo rock and roll that inspired the dance style of “The Stroll”. The trumpet and saxophone with electric guitar and piano wisks the listener back to a Beaumont dance hall of the late 1950’s.

The title track leads off the disk in that slow rocking mood that carries through “Don’t Leave it a Lie” and “I Gave Up All I had”. “Trouble, Trouble” picks up the beat to a full speed rock and roll pace, slowing down a bit again for the piano/electric guitar piece, “Tub Gut Stomp & Red-Eyed Soul”.
“I Knew it All Along” has a gospel feel to it with the prominent organ part, although it is actually a classic break-up song. Russell’s voice strikes the heart strings in the lost love anthem, “Nothing Takes the Place of You”.
Russell’s creative writing style shows through on the crude almost country styled, “I Don’t Give a Shit”. It’s basically the back and forth prattle of those most unromantic couples that seem to thrive on strife and argument. The CD concludes with a true rocking gospel anthem, “The Cross Is Boss”.
This production is a must for Kevin Russell/Shinyribs fans. It superimposes his quirky rhymes onto a Gulf Coast traditional sound that will draw them back to our roots. This is true enough to that art form to bring Russell’s work to a whole new audience of older rock and roll fans.

December 14, 2016

Shinyribs - "I Got Your Medicine" (Audio Premiere)

Shinyribs is described as an American country-soul, swamp-funk band, the kind of mixed up genre stew we always seem to love here at PopMatters. In other words, the Louisiana-born Russell is going back to the sounds of his home state with a big dose of New Orleans R&B, a horn section and the excitement of working with a new palette.

Kevin Russell spent much of his musical career with the Gourds, an Austin-based Americana band that was highly influential in the development of alt-country and the growing Americana scene. During his lengthy tenure leading that group, Russell would occasionally step out for solo gigs in Houston as Shinyribs, and he released a couple of records under that moniker. Now that the Gourds are on hiatus, Russell is doubling down on his Shinyribs project. He assembled a full band this year and they have a new record coming down the pike with I Got Your Medicine scheduled for 24 February 2017.
Shinyribs is described as an American country-soul, swamp-funk band, the kind of mixed up genre stew that we always seem to love here at PopMatters. In other words, the Louisiana-born Russell is going back to the sounds of his home state with a big dose of New Orleans R&B, a horn section and the excitement of working with a new palette. “I Got Your Medicine” is the album’s first single and it highlights Russell’s change of musical direction with its swampy funk, smooth vocals, and some major influence from one of NOLA’s favorite sons, Allen Toussaint. Russell says, “If Woody Guthrie and Allen Toussaint had collaborated on a song about the slow descent of the working class into pharmaceutical dependence and dwindling economic opportunity. It would sound a lot like this.”

December 14, 2016

Order Up! New Shinyribs Platter Coming Soon

As frightfully prolific as the Gourds were over the course of their nearly two-decade run, Kevin Russell seems to be well on his way to matching his last band’s pace (not to mention popularity) with his latest and greatest endeavor, Shinyribs. Austin’s favorite uke-rockin’ funk-soul brother and his like-minded posse of groovy movers have officially jammed the fork in their latest studio concoction, I Got Your Medicine, and will be serving it up Feb. 24.

Recorded at Houston’s SugarHill Recording Studios and co-produced by Russell and kindred spirit Jimbo Mathus, the follow-up to 2015’s Okra Candy will be Shinyrib’s fourth release since Russell debuted the moniker with 2010’s Well After Awhile.
Originally just a pseudonym adopted by Russell for his solo side gigs, back when the Gourds were still an active entity, Shinyribs has since evolved into a full-fledged band of its own. And it’s bigger than ever on I Got Your Medicine, with Russell, drummer/percussionist Keith Langford, keyboardist Winfield Cheek, and bassist Jeff Brown joined in the studio by the Tijuana Train Wreck Horns (Mark Wilson and Tiger Anaya) and the Shiny Soul Sisters (backup singers Sally Allen and Alice Spencer).
In addition to the title track, songs on the new album will include “Don’t Leave It a Lie,” “Tub Gut Stomp & Red-Eyed Soul,” “Don’t Leave It a Lie,” “Trouble, Trouble,” “The Cross is Boss,” “Hands on Your Hips,” “Ambulance,” “I Knew It All Along,” and a rocking little Russell and Spencer duet number called “I Don’t Give a Shit.” As for covers (always a Shinyribs treat), there’s Allen Toussaint’s “A Certain Girl,” the Toussaint McCall/Patrick Robinson ballad “Nothing Takes the Place of You,” and another intriguing dip into the songbook of the late Ted Hawkins, for “I Gave It All I Had.” Russell co-produced the 2015 tribute album Cold and Bitter Tears: The Songs of Ted Hawkins, which featured Shinyribs’ spin on “Who Got My Natural Comb?”
Although the rest of the world will have to wait until late February to get their full dose of Medicine, Texas Shinyribs fans still have a few chances from now until the end of 2016 to at least maybe hear a sample taste or two at one of the band’s remaining December dates. These include a two-night stand at Bellville’s Kenney Store (Dec. 14-15), a Dec. 16 appearance at Austin’s Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, a Dec. 17 show at John T. Floore Country Store in Helotes, and not one but two New Years blowouts: a pre-New Years Eve Party at Houston’s Fitzgerald’s on Dec. 30, and Austin’s New Year’s Eve extravaganza at Auditorium Shores on Dec. 31. That last one promises to be quite a happening, with Shinyribs sharing the bill not just with fireworks, but Ray Wylie Hubbard, the Peterson Brothers, Tameca Jones, and Migrant Kids. All for free.